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Facebook WIFI

Facebook is giving business owners the ability to provide free wifi at their businesses and users simply need to “check in” to access the wifi. This gives customers a simple way to access wifi and businesses get great exposure from people checking in to their venue.


Yes, Facebook is listening to you
Using the mic to listen for spoken keywords to match relevant ads and that’s a good thing.
Facebook Polls
Facebook has played with letting users post polls before. The new update allows users to post gifs and images as poll questions – sort of similar to the poll stickers in Instagram stories.
Ad budget optimisation
This new feature allows you to optimise spend based on outcomes. Really handy for when you’re split testing your ads (and you should definitely be split testing your ads).
Target people who visit venues
If you’re running ads for your client, you can target people who have recently visited their physical location. This gives you access to people who are more likely to respond to offers and events.