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PPC Advertising & Retargeting

Target pay per click (ppc) ads to your perfect audience on search and social. Optimise your media budget and bring people back to your site with retargeting and display ads.

Decide on Strategy

What do you want to achieve from your ads?

Before you start advertising

Decide on what you want the ads to achieve; sales, awareness, conversions, etc. Then we’ll use the right ad tools to achieve this.

Craft the Perfect Offer

Make sure you’re hitting the right pain points.

Even great ads won’t work with the wrong offer

Learn about your audience, what they respond to and communicate that to them with the right ad.

Build the Campaigns

Roll your sleeves up and pop the hood.

Execute the campaigns across platforms

For more effectiveness, connect your campaigns and support ads across multiple platforms to amplify your messaging.

Measure & Report

What worked, what didn’t and why.

Measuring and optimising your campaigns

This is the most important step to make sure your ads are only hitting the most relevant audience for the best price and result.

PPC advertising on search and social media delivers your message to a highly targeted audience. Retargeting allows you to capture segments and serve up ads based on pre-determined actions.

You can choose to have us create and manage this for you, or select the training option below to learn how to build and run your own ppc campaigns.

Create & manage ads for me packages

Click “Sign Up” under each package to find out more about each package.

Facebook Campaign

$180per campaign
  • Objective planning
  • Facebook ad campaign / ad set / ad
  • Copywriting & art direction
  • Audience creation (custom, saved or look-a-like)
  • Pixel placement
  • Coversion tracking

Facebook / Google Retargeting

$215per campaign
  • Pixel placement
  • Pixelled audience creation
  • Creation of campaign / ad set / ad
  • Copywriting & art direction

Google AdWords Search

$225per campaign
  • Campaign creation
  • Build keyword list
  • Create up to three text ads

Ongoing Management

$210per week
  • Ongoing optimisation of campaigns
  • Updates to budget changes
  • Audience targeting revisions
  • Changes to artwork or copy
  • Reporting
  • Creation of new campaigns
  • Min 3 months

Create & manage ads training

Learn how to create ppc ads for your business and get all the tools you need to create, schedule and manage your advertising. The course is delivered at your own pace and includes the same professional-grade tools used by top marketers.

The course walks you through how to plan out campaigns, track changes and testing for optimisation and reporting for Facebook and Google search and social ads as well as retargeting. This course will teach you:

  • how to set up search campaigns
  • the right way to build an audience
  • how to build social ad campaigns
  • recapture visitors to your site with retargeting
  • track and analyse outcomes
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add updates and posts to my platforms?

Yes, you have control of all of your sites the whole time so you can add updates or posts as they come up.

Do you offer support if I need help?

Absolutely. If you need help at any time along the process, simply email us at

What if I want to add a social platform to my plan?

Most of the plans are customizable to your needs. Just let us know when you activate your package or send us an email before you start a package plan.

What happens if I need to cancel?

We understand that business circumstances can change. If you need to cancel your plan, just email us your request one month before your plan end date. Why one month? Because we have your content created in advance so we need to know your intention to cancel before we have carried out your work.

What’s a “Targeted Paid Post”?

A targeted paid post is content that is promoted to a specified target audience that we create for you so you can reach a wider audience. And the ad spend is included in the price.

What are custom graphics?

Custom images are usually constructed from stock images or original images with branding elements added that bring them in line with your businesses marketing. They’re recognizable, return prospects to your site and help your overall branding effort.

What is content briefing?

After the initial content briefing that’s included in every package, ongoing briefing helps keep your content relevant and up to date with any changes to your industry or market.

What’s the monthly Facebook ad include?

Once we complete the briefing session with you, we’ll provide the creative, copy and execute the ads for you on Facebook and the ad spend is included in the price.