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Tim is a leader in the field of social media marketing. When he's not climbing mountains in some part fo the world he's tapping away on his laptop advising businesses on the best way to manage their digital imprint.

10 Min Marketing: How to creatively solve business problems with Paul Finn

How to creatively solve business problems with Paul Finn. This is a transcript from The 10 Min Marketing podcast. You can subscribe on iTunes or Android to get fresh, bite-sized episodes sent to you and check out the podcast page on the website for a list of episodes as they’re released.   In this episode, we talk to Paul Finn from Finn Consulting [...]

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5 Steps To Create Great Content

What is content marketing? “It’s any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content (pictures, text, video, images, etc) in order to acquire and retain customers” Everyone wants to create great content for their social media accounts that will engage the audience and drive them to take the action you want them [...]

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The Brief

This week in The Brief: digital marketing news, we take a look at the new Flipboard release, Tinder's new video tool and lots of new Facebook advertising news.   New Flipboard Flipboard is a great content discovery platform and something that we've been using here at The Sweatshop for years. They've just announced a new release [...]

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Don’t use stock images

So after my last blog telling you how to source and edit stock images, I logged onto Facebook and saw that I hadn't practiced what I preached.   There it is, another marketing agency has used the same image - I didn't edit or make the image my own in any way so there it [...]

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3 things you need to know about the Snapchat IPO

Snapchat IPO’d today for US$3B and it’s something that a lot of people have been waiting for with baited breath. They’ve kept their cards pretty close to their chest up until now because they could, but now they have gone public we get a peek behind the curtain. And it’s pretty telling. We’ve trawled through [...]

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Social Media Image Size Templates

It's not hard to create the perfect cover image, you just need to know the right specs. That's why we've created these free templates you can download and keep them as a handy reference. There's no opt-in, just click on the links and download the image sizes for the social platforms you need. [...]

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Create Sales Pages on Facebook

  Facebook has been talking about adding a shopping or commerce function for a long time now. But today we learned they’re rolling out this functionality to some areas for testing (Australia isn’t included in that test area though!). Facebook pages are essential for business in today’s marketing landscape so it makes sense that you [...]

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