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You're busy, we get it. That's why we take the time to read all of the latest digital news and then summarise it here for you. You're welcome! Facebook is revising their mobile post format to reduce the total height of images, and they're taking also reducing the total number of viewable lines of text from [...]

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Digital Update

If you don't influence as hard as you're paid to, can you be sued? Aparently, yes. (link) Holiday campaign ideas As we approch xmas, here are some ideas on some campaigns and content ideas you can implement. (link) Reminder: video engagement dwarfs images Find out how you can convert your images to videos to boost [...]

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Digital Update

Schedugram competitor? Planagram costs $49.99 for life (no more ongoing costs) and could be an alternative to Schedugram. It's unclear if this license gives you 2 instagram accounts, or 25, but it could be a cheaper alternative. (link) Animate your still pics Adobe is making it possible for you to convert still shots to tracking [...]

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Social Media Marketing News

Social media competitions Comps on Facebook and Instagram are powerful - they drive engagement and increase your reach. But Facebook has some strict rules on running comps so you have to get creative. Here's a list of different ideas for competitions you can run on social. (link) Hashtags are hard But they don't have to [...]

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Digital Update

New Facebook Templates: Facebook is updating Business Pages with the template that they think is the best fit for your Page's business type. This will happen automatically, so make sure you log into your page and check the template that they've switched you to (there is a Restaurant and Cafe template). There might be features that your [...]

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Digital Update

Here's the latest digital update for you all. Facebook Frames Facebook has borrowed another feature! You can now create branded frames that you can share. These can be used for profile pics or over images that people share. (link) (link) Instagram shoppable links These are beginning to roll out in Australian accounts. This means you [...]

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Weekly Digital Marketing Update

Here's your digital update for everything that's happened in social and marketing tech this week. Tips for brands on how to survive the Facebook Feed Armageddon Learn some tactics to keep your reach. (link) How brands are using Instagram effectively Remember, it's not for selling, it's for engaging. (link) Fiverr has acquired AndCo That's massive [...]

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Understanding Marketing Automation

Marketing automation allows companies to streamline their marketing efforts in a quicker and more efficient manner. Utilizing the various software available will allow you to automate the more repetitive and time consuming tasks, such as social media and email campaigns with authentic content, helping you become more effective and your conversion rates to go up. [...]

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Digital Update

Stay up to date with the latest news and innovations in digital marketing with our round up. Perfect to skim and learn on the go! Facebook WIFI Facebook is giving business owners the ability to provide free wifi at their businesses and users simply need to "check in" to access the wifi. This gives customers [...]

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10 Min Marketing: How to creatively solve business problems with Paul Finn

How to creatively solve business problems with Paul Finn. This is a transcript from The 10 Min Marketing podcast. You can subscribe on iTunes or Android to get fresh, bite-sized episodes sent to you and check out the podcast page on the website for a list of episodes as they’re released.   In this episode, we talk to Paul Finn from Finn Consulting [...]

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