New Facebook Templates:

Facebook is updating Business Pages with the template that they think is the best fit for your Page’s business type. This will happen automatically, so make sure you log into your page and check the template that they’ve switched you to (there is a Restaurant and Cafe template). There might be features that your old template didn’t have previously that you can now leverage.
New Facebook Page Tools
With the new template roll out, FB is adding a new recommendation tool that will allow users to add video and pictures in reviews for your businesses. These reviews will feature on Pages so it could be a good idea to ask your best customers to provide glowing reviews that showcase your venue.
IGTV: What Is It?
Many marketers are struggling to understand how to use the new IGTV feature. It’s a non-ephemeral video feature that is different to Stories. Some brands are using it as a video blog replacement, others are featuring business profiles of staff, the venue and dishes.
Either way, it’s still too early to know the value of this feature and exactly what it will be used for.
Insta Stories: How-To
Here’s a great post that covers off the basics for Insta Stories as well as some helpful tips to supercharge your stories. Even if you are an expert, you might pick up something new here.
Social Media Comps
Like, Tag and Share for your chance to win! (yawn). social comps are a vital way to drive engagement and increase awareness. Check out these examples of some Aussie businesses doing great social comps to get some ideas for your next campaign.