Schedugram competitor?
Planagram costs $49.99 for life (no more ongoing costs) and could be an alternative to Schedugram. It’s unclear if this license gives you 2 instagram accounts, or 25, but it could be a cheaper alternative.
Animate your still pics
Adobe is making it possible for you to convert still shots to tracking pans and add paralax movement.
Pinterest game strong?
The addictive pinning social network has just hit a massive milestone of users. This means they are a legitimate way that people discover new brands, venues and experiences. Is this something that you should be looking at for your clients?
Don’t copy me bro
Faceobok will begin penalising and removing any profiels that are publishing duplicate content – so if there’s any profiles that are re-publishing content they don’t own, Facebook will be targeting them.
Design your stories

Insta Stories are such a powerful tool – so are you using them to their fullest? In the link below you’ll see some examples of templates used for Insta Stories – there’s a fine line between people ignoring polished marketing materail and branding / designing your stories to create impact.