Cover video for your page profile
Cover videos are a great way to create impact and drive engagement. But how do you do it, what’s the dimensions, what length to make it? Click the link below to get answers to all of these questions and more!
Bye bye Facebook Groups stories
Not many groups used this feature so FB is killing stories for their groups.
Facebook kills remarketing
In case you missed it, Facebook announced that they’re introducing a feature that will remove the ability to remarked to website visitors by giving them the ability to “Clear their history”. This isn’t anything new and in fact, you can do this anytime you want by clearing your cache, but FB is making this super easy.
Test and Learn
Unless you’re a super sophisticated marketer, you should be using the test and learn feature on the Facebook ads manager.
Building Landing Pages?
Here’s 30 examples to give you inspiration when designing the landing page for your next campaign.