You’re busy, we get it. That’s why we take the time to read all of the latest digital news and then summarise it here for you. You’re welcome!
Facebook is revising their mobile post format to reduce the total height of images, and they’re taking also reducing the total number of viewable lines of text from 7 to 3 before it truncates. We’re fans of the “less is more” philosophy, but this means that content marketers need to consider how this will affect their posts.

You can no longer target ads to all of your page followers. Instead, you can only target those followers who have recently engaged with your page. Just another nail in the coffin for “Page Like” ads and buying likes. It’s not a bad thing at all – it means you’re only going to reach people who are interested in your brand.
Have you used the Test and Learn tool on FB? It’s really a really powerful tool that can help you to understand the effectiveness of your campaign elements before you spend money putting them in the market. It’s a great tool that nearly no one is using.
Facebook has removed certain page info – is your page up to date?  Have you ever thought that the page info, biography and affiliation sections were a little overkill? Yeah so did Facebook so from today (August 1st 2019) they’re removing it and encouraging you to add this info into the central page info section.