The retirement living sector is growing in Australia with more high profile providers moving in every year. With this growth comes the challenge of marketing to a specific cohort that are traditionally difficult to reach digitally. In spite of that, we’ve been able to create extremely successful campaigns that have produced runaway results for providers across Australia.

There are now more Australians over the age of 45 than there are under the age of 30. These older adults account for millions of consumers that are often overlooked when it comes to marketing campaigns. Major, lifelong purchases are the most extensively researched prior to buying. Since retirement communities fall into this category, it makes sense to ensure that your brand is visible and accessible to this demographic and their children who will be doing the research and making decisions regarding retirement living.

Being well versed in the where, when and how these audiences are using technology is important to knowing how best to reach them, and is a definite advantage when it comes to marketing to these consumers. According to Neilson data, Gen Xers use social media more habitually than any other generation. Sixty percent of Australian adults aged 50-59 are using Facebook every day, while 47% of those aged 60-69 use Facebook every day. The numbers are even higher for those in this demographic that are regularly using email and internet search engines.

It’s vitally important to utilise these platforms for brand visibility and lead generation, ensuring you reach this target audience. Also consider additional channels such as email nurturing and automation, ensuring they’re aimed at your target audience and executed at the proper time. Engage your potential customers by connecting with them, anticipating their needs, and providing a positive experience along the way. This can be a very effective way to convert your leads, as well as allowing for better monitoring to tweak the campaign as needed. In the meantime, once a campaign is in place, you can let your email series do the heavy lifting for you, building on the customer relationship as the email series continues.

A campaign for the retirement living sector needs to be geared towards an audience that is more digital active, but early about handing over personal details. That’s why you need to understand the way this demographic interacts with technology and have the right channels ready for them. Don’t ask for contact details right away, provide downloadable information, and a phone number to call (that’s trackable). Nurture them with an email sequence and then ask for contact details once they’re comfortable with you.

The Sweatshop has a proven track record of knowing and understanding the retirement living consumers, giving us the edge on engaging with them and creating brand connections, awareness and lots of leads for our clients.